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Korean Film Festival 2021

The Korean Film Festival returns to the big screen this year, with a program of 22 of the finest films from small arthouse films to action packed thrillers.

Francis Lee, Festival Programmer, explained that Korean films are produced by world standard high-quality filmmakers and have such a distinctive character compared to those from Hollywood or Europe.

“Whichever Korean film you watch, whether it’s an action blockbuster, a comedy or drama we embrace a variety of genres within the same film.”

Paper Flower is an Australian premiere and opens the film festival. Focusing on the ups and downs within a family headed by a funeral director, it’s a touching and meaningful film which evokes themes including the value of life, death, hope and community goodwill. The resounding message delivered is to cherish each moment as our lives pass us by.

For cooking buffs, The Wandering Chef is a documentary not to be missed.

“Throughout this film audiences will marvel at a large variety of delicious Korean dishes prepared by decorated chef Lim Ji-ho which they’d never find in an ordinary Korean restaurant in Australia. Also, because the camera follows the chef everywhere, audiences should be mesmerised by the beauty of the South Korean scenery.”

Lee raved about The Swordsman which he claimed is a must for enthusiasts of fast paced action flicks with high body counts. “Hyuk JANG is one of the most popular action heroes in Korea and stars in this film which showcases Korean sword action which is very distinctive from Chinese and Japanese sword action.”

Somewhere In Between is the closing night film which surrounds a young man who returns to his dull hometown existence after he abandons his life changing goals. With the help of family and friends he rediscovers himself and learns the true meaning of life.

“If moviegoers want a special movie experience please come along and watch a Korean film at this festival!”

During October. Event George St. $16-$40+b.f. Tickets & Info: