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Jess Chalker goes solo on ‘Hemispheres’


In her debut album as a solo artist, Jess Chalker defies genres and presents poignant lyrics. Hemispheres documents Chalker’s global adventures, pulling listeners into her musings. 

With her Leslie Feist-eque voice, Chalker offers a hybrid of folk and gentle pop. The album is driven by simple rhythm. It feels clean- an easy listen. Electric guitar compliments vocals.

The second track, Dance In The Rain, feels like a nostalgic call to old lovers. Chalker’s impressive range is clear in the song, which begins as a reflective piece before bouncing into pop. The more intimate West Hollywood seems as if you’re watching the same old lovers, dressing them for your favourite downtown bars. 

Chalker’s ability to weave continued narrative through the album is striking. We join her in a nomadic lifestyle. 

Hemispheres is an album for dreamers, for those who aren’t scared of change and evaluating their own life. It’s beautifully reflective, yet palatable and strong. 

★★★ ½

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