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Jacques Cousteau’s life detailed in beautiful documentary

Jacques Cousteau

By Jarrod Wolfhunter

Becoming Cousteau is the beautiful documentary that follows the incredible life of legendary French ocean polymath and adventurer, Jacques Cousteau.

Cousteau pioneered oceanography and captivated the world with his ground-breaking films and TV series that gave an entire generation a front seat to a never-before-seen, under-the-sea kingdom.

Becoming Cousteau was created by Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Liz Garbus, who has made a name for herself through her intimate portraits of complex figures like, Bobby Fischer, Nina Simone, and Marilyn Monroe.

Garbus has succeeded again in this extraordinary and immersive documentary that is steeped in the original footage created by Cousteau from his famous ship, The Calypso.

This documentary offers a nostalgia, and perfectly captures the exciting impact the Frenchman had on the world in a time when so little was known about the submarine environment.

Rivalled only by land-lover Attenborough in his legacy, Cousteau will be remembered long into the future; not only for his contribution to the science of the ocean by his prescient activism towards Climate Change.


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