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Inner West community want more government action on climate change, poll reveals

The PM is going to COP26 in Glasgow next month and according to a poll by the Australian Conservation Foundation, Australians want climate action now. Photo: Supplied.


In July this year, a campaign by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Together We Can conducted a poll of 15,000 Australians in all 151 federal electorates on their opinions on climate change.

According to the poll, nationally, 67% of voters want the federal government to do more to combat climate change.

Across NSW, 65% of voters want the federal government to do more.

In the electoral division of Grayndler, 82% of voters believe the federal government needs to be doing more to address climate change.

Nicola Burford, a co-founder and leader of ACF Inner West, said the group brings national campaigns to the local level.

“We decided that we wanted to create a space where people can come together to stand up for a healthy environment in the inner west and Australia,” she told the Independent.

“We wanted a place that was going to build on positivity that wasn’t radical or confrontational, something for everyone, inclusive, diverse and as rich as our inner west area.”

ACF Inner West has increased its membership from 3 members in June 2020 to 131, and a further 8,000 have signed petitions or joined the mailing list and database. Burford said the group welcomes anyone, no matter their level of commitment.

Locally, they are pressing to get more EV’s and charging stations, protect Callan Park from commercialisation, get action on pollution and heat effects on sport and recreation and more solar power and community batteries.

Burford said engaging with MP’s is important to the group, “the only way we can make change is by raising our voice to our leaders.”

The group has met with the office of Anthony Albanese, Tanya Plibersek and Jenny Leong.

Voting counts

The poll found 67% of national voters say Labor and Coalition plans for climate action will influence their vote.

ACF is working on the People’s Voice campaign over the next six months, which is a platform for people to share their concerns and stories regarding the climate and climate justice.

The People’s Voice will be presented to politicians at the end of the year before the election.

“The thing is, 67% is a majority. It’s two thirds of the country and we’ve got an election coming up. That speaks volumes,” said Burford.

On November 6th Inner West ACF is hosting a painting party in Sydney Park aiming to create more messages to get climate action now.

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