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Australian romantic comedy ‘Love You Like That’

What is pure love? Love can be ugly, mean, sad and lonely. Love is about challenging each other during the good times and the bad times as depicted in this highly original Aussie feel good romantic comedy that should have audiences returning for encore screenings.

A naked lady is swept on the beach. She has no recollection of who she is, but the inhabitants of the seaside town of Seafront Sands are mesmerised by her charm and contagious personality. She’s on a quest to help those who are having emotional issues regarding that dreaded emotion ‘love’. But who is this mysterious woman? A muse? A ghost? And why does the town’s most handsome young man share the same abilities?

Making audiences joyous, laugh and cry may generally be an arduous task for filmmakers, but the producers of this film have seemingly achieved this quite effortlessly with a fine script and a very capable young cast that includes Allira Jaques, Mitchell Hope and Steph Tisdell, with veteran performers John Jarratt and Chris Haywood.

Comedienne Steph Tisdell who plays a vivacious and very outspoken character is a breath of fresh air providing memorable comical interludes throughout the film. John Paul Young also makes a welcomed appearance singing his signature song Love Is in the Air in the finale.

Sugar sweet and sudsy, the story unravels quickly in the second half with a romantic twist that no moviegoer will see coming and the mystery of the woman with amnesia is revealed which hardened audiences may find laughable and underwhelming.

Do you believe in love? You will after watching Love You Like That. A sheer joy to watch.

★★★ ½

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