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2018 Thai cave rescue comes to the big screen in ‘The Cave’

In 2018 the real-life rescue of a young soccer team in the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand made headlines all over the world and now the first film produced depicting the gruelling rescue mission is available to watch on digital platforms.

Soon after the announcement was made; “We have a problem… some kids have disappeared in a flooded cave!” the whole world watched and prayed. Everyone was inspired by the courage and resilience of the rescue team and stunned by the extreme challenges involved in bringing these children to safety.

As film director Tom Waller watched the tragedy unfold, he immediately thought this story of courage and hope had possibilities as a motion picture.

“I wanted to know more about how these kids were rescued and how they came out alive.”

The film was produced on a small budget with no Hollywood stars which ultimately compounded to the authenticity of the film.

“We based the film totally on the true story, taking the accounts of the real rescuers and dramatising events closely following their own experiences. The simplicity of using some of the real participants in the rescue, blended with actors and non-actors alike, felt more real than having Tom Hanks in the film”.

Waller sincerely hopes that Australians will watch this film which resonates that in times of tragedy communities will unite. “It’s a story about ordinary people who become heroes.”

Read our  full interview with film director Tom Waller here.

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