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You Cannot Kill David Arquette and his passion

The documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette might initially be dismissed as a vanity project as David Arquette, a B-list actor best known from the Scream movies, embarks on a journey to redeem his shambling WCW (World Championship Wrestling) championship reign from nearly 20 years ago. At the time, his budding Hollywood career went off the rails and he turned to the wrestling world to promote a movie. To the shock and horror of many fans, he won the accolade and the wearable trophy, and these many years later wants to redeem himself in a sport he claims to love and admire.

It’s a pretty bizarre starting point for any doco, and as an executive producer, Arquette probably had a lot of leeway. Still, what emerges is an endearing portrait of a fellow who can sit atop a horse, vaping and wearing a star-studded purple magician cape, and say, “I’m just sick of being a joke, honestly.”

★★★ ½

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