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Time away allows rapper Drapht to rediscover his passion

By Aston Brown

Infamous Perth based rapper Drapht is back with a brand-new album, Shadows And Shinings, dropping on September 10.

With this new album Drapht returns to his roots, re-discovering his undying passion for rap in collaboration with some of his closest mates.

In a conversation with City Hub, Drapht explained how this album reflects on the past while laying the groundwork for the future.

“For the most part the album is just a bunch of friends who I have accumulated and had a relationship over the last 20 years, I just wanted to do an album that was really personal for me and include people that I really appreciate… I’m really proud of this one”

During our conversation, Drapht spoke of the decade long journey he’s been on that has led him to this latest release.

“It feels like this album follows on from my 2011 release…after The Life Of Riley I decided to take some time away from music, I didn’t really feel inspired to continue to write and release in the way that I was.”

Since The Life Of Riley Drapht admits he has struggled with his music. A decade later, Drapht is finally proud to say he has found himself again in the making of the album.

“I’ve re-discovered my passion with this record, and I’m not sure why, but it seemed to come back around, and maybe that was just because I was writing with friends again.”

The album will follow Drapht’s latest singles; Hollywood Hills, Problem Here (feat. Complete & Eli Greeneyes) and Shadow On My Walls that each show promise of what is to come in the full album release.

Drapht’s friends from Drop Shot Media; “went full guerrilla mode,” directing original music videos for each single. As Drapht explained to City Hub, he couldn’t be surrounded by a better group of friends right now.

“A bunch of friends coming together, having a bit of fun, and shooting while we are at it. I’m pretty fortunate to have these guys apart of it, they are absolutely killing it”

Drapht will be touring through WA from October and says he can’t wait to hit the East Coast.

“I want to get back over to the east as soon as possible and play as many shows as possible.”

“I can’t wait to just get onto the next thing, we have got a few other things on the cards, can’t say too much yet, but we have bunch of stuff planned and there will be a lot going on in the next year.”

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