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The Children In The Pictures delves into the darkest recesses of the internet

Task Force Argos


The Children In The Pictures is a hard-hitting documentary following the investigations of an international network of authorities as they rescue children from the sleazy, squalid world of child exploitation.

Task Force Argos is the notorious Australian-based police investigative team acting as a ‘thin blue line’ between a functioning, healthy society and the worst crimes in the world. Argos is the toughest job in law enforcement because it has investigators acting as paedophiles in order to gain access to clandestine online file-sharing paedophile communities who trade in images and footage of children being sexually exploited.

Child sexual abuse is the fastest growing major crime in the world. As technology advances so does the sophistication of global online criminal networks.

Australian-based Task Force Argos works with criminal investigation agencies like the FBI in the US, and Interpol in Europe, and other national authorities to coordinate global efforts for rescuing and saving young victims.

“We are a victim-focused taskforce. The consequence of rescuing victims is arrests.”

The documentary follows a timeline from the inception of the internet and the subsequent inception of online paedophile file-sharing groups. In its developmental stage online paedophile groups had memberships in the thousands. As technology grows, and with the advent of the ‘dark web’memberships are now in their millions.

Once one group has been infiltrated by Argos Agents victims will be rescued and ‘producers’ will be focused on for arrest. However, as soon as one online group is suppressed another will take its place like a many-headed monster.

This documentary looks into some of the darkest and most disturbing aspects faced by modern society. It follows a case-study of an unnamed victim who, although well-known to Argos, took investigators years to track-down and rescue. Argos had years of files of the young victim being sexually-abused and exploited. They were essentially watching her grow up and develop in the worse situation imaginable and they were helpless to prevent it – until they discovered the piece of evidence that would lead to her rescue and her abusers arrest.

Argos has noticed a change in victims to those aged 0-2 because they’re at a pre-speech phase and cannot testify against offenders.

The Children In The Pictures touches on the rise of smartphone use by children and how paedophiles are using social media as an adjunct for grooming victims.

This documentary is excellent in its production and editing, albeit a taboo subject, The Children In The Pictures is extremely important.

Task Force Argos are heroes.

With 12 million children going online for the first time in 2020, Task Force Argos is now calling on all of us to help keep them safe.

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