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Terror rises in It Came From Below

Plop, drip, plop are the scary sounds in It Came From Below, another story about youngsters venturing into ill-advised scenarios, in this case an underground cave. Brother and sister, somewhat estranged, come together as the sister wants to vindicate her father’s research. Coming along for the midnight picnic of the creeps is the brother’s girlfriend, suitably bitchy, and a loose sort of pal, who seems to be present to offer ideas about what does exist beneath. Legends? Proof of aliens?

And so, they dutifully find the entrance to the cave in her fathers’ journal. It’s totally creepy. They hallucinate: are they haunted or tripping? The bitchy girlfriend is fed up and tries to leave. But guess what? She loses her way. Another spoiler alert: a lot of people are crunched.

This cave in the woods horror ought to have some sort of twist, and it does. The sister emerges from the hell of underground monsters, otherworldly and inexplicably domestic, to save her lost pals. Perhaps she will save them with what they should have started out with: common sense, and maybe some trail mix. Well, no, but another crunch.


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