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Sydney Actress, Gemma Clinch, Finds Salvation In YouTube Series

Gemma Clinch

By Jarrod Wolfhunter

Gemma Clinch is a Sydney based actor and writer. She has a background in education with a bachelor’s degree in arts and education, and certificates in Jazz and Tap teaching. Since graduating from acting school in 2017, Gemma has worked in Sydney’s independent theatre scene. She wrote, co-produced and performed in Dancing Doesn’t Count at the Sydney Fringe Festival. A show about relationships, trust and the bi-phobia that permeates straight and queer society.

Gemma waxes lyrical on collaborative processes and the ephemeral magic that happens onstage. Actors and audiences emerge from performances more open and connected to each other. It’s a transformative experience.”

Gemma has found herself bogged down by the COVID-19 lockdown that is currently decimating the Arts and Entertainment Sector.

The industry has ground to a halt. Staying inside means there’s little opportunity for inspiration. Because we’ve been here before the situation seems more destructive. We go dark as theatres reopen on the other side of the world.

Bogged down or not, Gemma is difficult to stop. She is currently working in dual roles, behind-the-scenes at Belvoir Street Theatre while writing a new screenplay.

Most recently, Gemma finds herself in the exciting YouTube series, Thirty. Season two just dropped! It has been nominated for and won many awards, including Best Dramedy at New York Web Fest in 2017, and in 2020.

Gemma encourages us to support the Arts and Entertainment Sector. She suggests that lobbying local members is the most effective way to do so. “So when we’re out of lockdown, we all can be transformed and transported by a night at the theatre.

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