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Sarah Yagki’s latest single became her “light at the end of the tunnel”


For Sydney-based artist Sarah Yagki, music has always been a way to articulate experiences. The alternative pop artist has explored songwriting since she was just a child. 

“I started out in music from a really young age, but I didn’t come from a musical family. The way I connected to music was through listening to other artists, understanding what they were saying in their music and wanting to do that myself,” she explained. 

Yagki’s sixth single, Rewind, shows how music has carried her through life. It’s a delicate balance of personal lyrics and complex music.

“I’m really trying to collaborate, write and do my best to share music that inspires others the way that it’s inspired me my entire life.”

Studying a Bachelor of Music with Arts Management at The Australian Institute of Music, Yagki felt like self-releasing singles was the right way to get started. 

“I wanted to be across the whole process [of creating a song]. I wanted to understand it not only from an artistic perspective, but also everything that actually comes with music – whether it’s the release, the publications, the process of doing that.

“As a young female artist, it was really important to me to… know how to stand on my own two feet,” Yagki said. 

Yagki now has a management team who approached her for the most recent singles, but she reflects on her time of self-releasing with pride. It gave her an opportunity to explore creative autonomy, making music on her own terms. 

“Through that [self-releasing], I was able to really connect with my music and find others who are part of my team now.”

And it’s Rewind that has taught Yagki more than ever to advocate for herself. Poignant lyrics were written throughout a “toxic relationship.”

“For me, Rewind became the light at the end of the tunnel… this song for me became that little bit of strength that I held onto. I worked on it as I grew in myself and grew the power to get out of that relationship.” 

Yagki doesn’t shy away from such a hard topic. She knows it’s an important one to share. The simple chorus of the song is designed to reflect emotions at various times through hard relationships.

“When people are listening to it.. I want it to be immersive. You can close your eyes and put yourself in headspace to explore what the song is.”

Reflecting on the power of her words, Yagki is excited to share her newest single with a live audience at The Vanguard on November 10.

Nov 10. The Vanguard, 42 King St, Newtown. $14.89+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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