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‘Royal Jelly’ is a horror film for all the wrong reasons

Sometimes a movie can be so bad that’s it’s good but unfortunately this celluloid fodder is just downright awful!

Imagine – a serious horror flick that surrounds a mysterious woman who grooms a young unsuspecting bee nerd teenager to be the next beehive’s queen bee! Laughable!

Royal Jelly ticks all the wrong boxes. Poor direction, lame acting, bad sound, an insidiously terrible storyline, and poor camera shot framing should ensure that audiences switch off long before reaching the first half of the film!

Devoid of any redeeming qualities this oddity feels like a failed film student assignment and should leave audiences questioning how this disastrous project made it past the scripting stage.

Laughter builds and it’s impossible to stay focused, but the only incentive to keep watching is to see whether this ludicrous embarrassment improves – which it doesn’t. Even the ‘horrifying’ death scenes are hysterical!

The only thought-provoking question left in the minds of viewers is, how did the extremely substandard actors manage to keep straight faces throughout?

Royal Jelly is a horror for all the wrong reasons and has justifiably earned a place in the undistinguished hall of shame!

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