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‘Ride The Eagle’ is the perfect comedic escape

This is the surprise dramedy of the year and the most suitable film to take our minds away from these dark times during COVID-19, even if only for 90 minutes.

America’s top comedian Jake Johnson produced, co-wrote and stars in what can best be described as humorous and pleasurable viewing.

Johnson portrays a man who has received the news that his estranged mother has died and left him her luxury cabin. But it’s a conditional inheritance, meaning he will only receive the property if he manages to successfully complete a list of tasks she has allocated.

This sets the pace for many hilarious situations and along the way, with the aid of eccentric characters he meets, reconnects socially and acquires a newfound love for his deceased mother.

Susan Sarandon is enchanting as the mother only seen on video as she delivers his task details recorded prior to her passing.

Not for mainstream audiences this small and quirky independent film explores grief, regrets, the ‘what could have been’, the complication of relationships and leaves audiences with one relatable message; to love and forgive as life is too short.


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