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Nicholas Cage serves up a Michelin star worthy dish in ‘Pig’

Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage in Pig

Nicholas Cage’s latest outing has him portraying Robin Feld, a recluse living in the wilderness of Oregon with only the companionship of his prized truffle hunting pig. When this peaceful existence is destroyed by intruders who steal his pig Robin must return to the city and his old life to retrieve his beloved companion.

Unlike recent film John Wick & Nobody this film takes a more subdued, melancholic & emotional tack with its story. As the film progresses we come to learn of Robin’s past life in Portland as a highly regarded & esteemed chef, who helped guide much of the current Portland culinary scene in their early years. Whilst there are elements of absurdity such as the underground fight club for restaurant workers, the film is largely a understated affair focusing mainly on passion, emotion & the impact of trauma.

For this reason Cage’s portrayal of Robin is truely memorable. In recent outings like Color Out Of Space Cage became a caricature of himself but in Pig his a rich brilliance is pushed to the fore.

Pig may not be for everyone but if you enjoy a slightly weird but beautifully emotional film this is a Michelin star worthy dish.


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