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Bright future on the H3rizon for Sydney girl group

H3RIZION. Photo: Corinne Anquetil-Morgan

By Katelyn Milligan

The Sydney based girl band H3rizon are determined to leave their mark on the music industry. From their distinctive sound that pushes pop-music boundaries, to increasing Asian representation and even signing with a crypto-based record label – the girl group is a force to be reckoned with.

The three young ladies bring their own individual skill set and musical backgrounds to form the dynamic trio’s polished sound. They’ve found the perfect balance, mixing Gabby’s classical music upbringing with Taya’s R&B background and Bernie’s production skills.

A sample of Maggie’s classical vocal composition she did in high school serves as an opener to their new single, Serious. Its use, blended with pop and R&B elements, is a testament to the creative thought process behind the music, adding unique harmonies to songs that one may otherwise think would not fit.

Having amassed an impressive TikTok following of 1.7 million followers, H3rizon know what works. Serious is filled with catchy yet sassy lyrics destined to resonate with their audience.

Group member Bernadette Marguez (Bernie) says that the girl group’s Mauritian and Filipino backgrounds will help fill a lack of Asian representation in the music industry.

“We haven’t really seen a lot of girl bands lately, especially from Australia and it would be so amazing to come onto the world stage as a girl group, full of women of colour coming from Australia,” said Bernie “We feel like we’d really be able to inspire young women, young artists to band together and to uplift each other, especially people of colour to join this industry. We know that there’s so much talent out there from all different kinds of people and we just want to be able to show how people banding together can really bring something special.”

The band name H3rizon is an ode to this. It’s inspired by a quote the girls often say – ‘she’s got her hands on the wheel and her eyes on the horizon.’ Bernie explains that it encourages the girls to stay true to themselves, work hard and keep their eyes on the goal.

H3rizon were the first to sign to the innovative Australian crypto-based record label, BlockPlay. Blockplay offers artists NFT contracts as part of their record deal. It has the potential to offer artists a new form of income stream, whilst allowing them to maintain their masters.

Bernie explains that creative freedom and ownership was one of the main appeals for H3rizon to sign with BlockPlay.

“We feel like traditional record labels have a lot of control over their artists and we want to be free. We want to have that creative freedom and with BlockPlay, it allows us to make all of these creative choices with our music, with our image, as well as have the necessary funding to keep going with our career paths. So it’s just amazing to get into. It’s just a whole new marketplace that that we’re so excited to adapt to.”

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