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Australian film ‘Disclosure’ is powerful & captivating

This Aussie flick concerns child abuse of an extraordinary nature and highlights that powerful and captivating films can be produced on a shoestring budget.

The premise is absorbing. What would you do if your children told you they were subject to some kind of abuse? Would you act upon the alleged abuse or believe that they were simply telling fanciful stories?

This is the situation a couple find themselves in when their 4-year-old daughter discloses that their family friend’s 9-year-old son attempted to abuse her. Should child protection be informed, and will this lead to the friendship being compromised?

Drama builds quickly as the couples unite to discuss the issue. Initially awkward yet civil, temperaments inevitably flare as each couple refuses to back away from their respective beliefs.

The anatomy of and eventual breakdown of a friendship is intelligently explored in this thought-provoking film which has a small cast of four actors in pivotal roles.

The story from beginning to end evolves in real time and effectively, the children are referenced throughout the film but never seen.

Adversely, the cliched and very predictable closing scene deviates to an almost unsatisfying level slightly degrading what was otherwise a fine and well-acted film.


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