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Online arts workshop set to help Sydney unlock creativity

Gabbi Lancaster

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young

The online-based arts organisation, The Art of Flow, is offering a Five Day Creative Adventure Workshop later this month. Run by artist Gabbi Lancaster, the program seeks to unlock artistic flow in even the most skeptical of participants. 

Lancaster has been teaching arts programs to children and adults for 15 years. Online classes were never part of the plan. Yet when a Facebook community formed organically in lockdown last year, Lancaster knew she had tapped into something special. 

“I started to learn how to run an online membership business,” Lancaster said of her initiative. “A big part of my message is about the joy that painting can bring and the mental health benefits of expressing ourselves with paint. It’s such a safe way to release emotion and to get a deeper understanding of ourselves.” 

The first free program in April 2020 spread to 400 people, before Lancaster’s initial Five Day Creative Adventure multiplied in hundreds. Participants began posting their practice in a private Facebook page, daily. 

“It was like this love bomb went off in our Facebook group… This kind of process is very freeing and it’s a lot about letting go,” Lancaster said of people sharing their work across the five days. 

Because of the program’s previous success, The Art Of Flow would love to see even more participants this time around. 

Those who sign-up receive a daily creative prompt via email. There’s also a live session at 11am each day, where Lancaster invites people to paint with her. 

The program is running from August 23-27 for $15. You can sign up here and use the code HUBCREATIVE for $5 off. 

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