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Murray Cook & Lizzie Mack’s The Soul Movers release new album

The Soul Movers. Photo: Dani Hansen

By Tessa Pelle

Fronted by Lizzie Mack and former red Wiggle Murray Cook, The Soul Movers’ latest album Evolution is a delectable collection of positive melodies and emotional nuance.

Since hanging up his red skivvy in 2012, Inner West local Murray has shown no signs of slowing down as he embarks on his newest musical chapter with The Soul Movers.

The journey with The Soul Movers has been really great because after I finished with the Wiggles, I was really looking for something to satisfy creative urges and this ended up being it, Murray says.

Evolution is the bands fourth studio album and third with Murray. The record’s titular track touches on environmental issues through soulful beats reminiscent of 60s and 70s style funkWith lyrics like ‘all the people under the sun will join when the world is one,’ the song evokes a hopeful message.

I think a lot of it was trying to get a positive message out there, that was a lot of what we were trying to do during the recording. People have had a fairly dark year and a bit so there’s a brightness about the album, I think, Murray says.

As the band gear up for their nationwide tour and upcoming album launches, Murray reflects on how COVID restrictions have impacted their live performances.

People, when they weren’t allowed to dance, would still dance in their chairs. I think one of the things about being in lockdown and not being able to do something that you really love means that when you get out there and do it, you really appreciate it even more.

The Aussie icons legacy with the Wiggles is not lost on him; his fanbase comprises of generations old and young.

“Seeing the kids who grew up with the Wiggles coming to see me now, its fantastic. But it’s also quite funny because we’ll be at a gig and at the end some giant six foot tall guy with tattoos and a beard comes up and goes ‘Can I have a hug? I love you!’” Murray says.

The Soul Movers have something for everyone, “I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but it is a really great live show. We use a lot of elements that I used in the Wiggles like crowd participation and stuff, so we really try to get the audience involved… we just want people to have fun.

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