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Liam Neeson Takes To ‘The Ice Road’

Aging Liam Neeson has once again highlighted that he can still hold an audience as an action hero. In his latest venture he heads the cast as a driver on what can best be described as an adrenaline powered suicide mission.

Along with four others he must deliver life-saving equipment travelling in 30-ton trucks over 30-inch-thick ice roads. Their pledge? To rescue workers trapped in a diamond mine after an explosion.

But was the explosion an accident? Are there people in high places who don’t want these trucks to arrive with the rescue equipment?

Audiences may initially despair they have paid to see a dud after the shonky opening action sequence, where a truck that hilariously looks like a Tonka toy rolls off a mountain road.

But as the film progresses, the special effects improve and the suspense and heart-racing action builds leaving audiences at the edge of their seats.

However for optimum enjoyment ensure your ‘reality meter’ is switched off before entering the cinema, as there are several ludicrously outlandish sequences which, even to the most uneducated, defy logic!


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