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Cosmic Psychos “can’t stop and won’t stop”

By Tessa Pelle

After a certain number of years, it’s typical for most bands to either break up or stop making music altogether. But after nearly 40 years, Cosmic Psychos have been influential in the Australian punk rock scene and show absolutely no signs of slowing down.

The band’s drummer, Dean Muller credits their longevity to long lasting friendships and the bands love for creating music.

It’s still fun, it’s never felt like a chore. It’s always been a lot of fun doing it. As soon as it becomes a chore or a money-making exercise, it should be over but we’re still going good,” Muller says.

With the release of their 11th studio album, Mountain Of Piss, Cosmic Psycho’s continue to make waves in the punk community.

“Well, I mean the name [Mountain Of Piss] says it all. We just got together and recorded it and drank a bit of beer and that was that. It’s normally what we do, we’re all mates so it’s not really work for us. It’s just fun to get together,” Muller says.

Recorded in 2019 and pre-COVID, the album features songs about dickhead sporting culture and being way too old to drink at the pub.

It’s like a bulldozer hitting a train. And some bloke yelling on top of that… we had a bit of time and wrote some pretty interesting, pretty funny songs on this new record.”

Muller says his musical inspirations range all the way from “Cannibal Corpse to Mozart.”

“I’d always liked music and music was in my house. And then I sort of discovered the Beatles, I wanted to be just like Ringo Starr, so I got some sticks and started learning at school,” he says.

Cosmic Psycho’s are still going as strong as ever and are keen to perform again in the near future.

“We’re all still healthy. Ross has just gotten new hips, he’s like the $10,000 man or something,” Muller says, referring to founding member Ross Knight’s hip replacements in 2019.

Despite the cancellation of their August shows due to Sydney’s lockdown, Dean is still hopeful the band will be able to perform again sometime soon.

It’s weird with people sitting down [at shows]. I think mosh pits are a thing of the past… hopefully we’ll get back out there and hopefully we won’t be too old when we do.”

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