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Candyman a welcome return to form for Jordan Peele

Acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peele (Get Out, BlacKkKlansman, Us) once again dips his toes into the horror genre & peels back the veneer on racial inequality. This time Peele acts as the screenwriter alongside director Nia DaCosta as they create a spiritual sequel to 1992’s Candyman.

2021’s Candyman takes place in modern day Chicago. More specifically the film focuses on Cabrini Green, a former ‘ghetto’ which has since been gentrified and is now the upscale loft apartment home of artist Anthony McCoy and his partner Brianna Cartwright.

In a desperate attempt to rediscover inspiration for his art Anthony begins to research the history of Cabrini Green. In doing so Anthony unwittingly opens a portal, unleashing violence upon anybody foolish enough to utter the name Candyman into a mirror five times.

Director Nia DaCosta imbues the film with a rich tapestry of visual delights via her use of artistic shots, locations and framing. This gives the film a beauty which masks the horror initially but then heightens its impact as the film progresses.

Thematically, as is the case with many Peele films, Candyman is an allegory for racial injustice & police brutality. These elements are presented in a way which doesn’t distract from the story of the film but rather serves to heighten the impact of the horror.

Candyman is a return to form for Peele after a disappointing outing with Us. This film easily ranks alongside Peele’s debut horror outing Get Out.


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