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Bliss N Eso Have A Surprising Collaborator

Australian hip-hop pioneers Bliss N Eso are back with a brand new album, The Sun. With this new album they’ve welcomed very special guests, one of which may be very surprising.

During a conversation with City Hub Eso explained that this album continues their tradition of constant evolution. The Sun does this through the inclusion of many different genres and styles of music, which Eso says ranges from ‘old school boom-bap beats right through to the more current trap sound.” Doing this was important for Eso because for him “music is very mood driven” so he always want to have a “song for every mood.”

However, it’s not just the musical base which Bliss N Eso have evolved on this album, they have also explored new areas with the lyrical side of The Sun. During our conversation Eso explained this in detail by saying, “For me personally with the lyrics on this album I was able to look back on life and really understand the things that we had gone through. Sometimes when you’re in a band life becomes very fast so you don’t get a chance to stop and smell the roses. With this record though I was able to do that.”

When it came to collaborations for The Sun Bliss N Eso worked with two very notable artists. The first being the rising Australian hip-hop star ChillinIt. As Eso explained to City Hub, working with ChillinIt was an important moment for the group and the Australian hip-hop scene as a whole.

“We’ve been here from the start and watched the Aussie hip-hop scene being born. Now that kid is in his early teens running a muck and blooming with subcultures and artists. So we always want to uplift the youth and the next generation by showing them some love.”

The second, and perhaps most surprising of the collaboration on this record though is Kasey Chambers – although as Eso explained this isn’t the first time Kasey’s vocals have been on a Bliss N Eso track.

“We actually remixed her song Rattling Bones before… We’ve actually been friends with Kasey for 18-20 years. One of the first professional studios we ever got into was at Kasey Chamber’s house when we were working with her bother, Nash Chambers.”

This latest collaboration with Kasey came about through chance circumstance though said Eso.

“We had the Good People song as a demo with a male vocal, but it just didn’t feel exactly right. I felt like there needed to be a female voice and we were constantly thinking ‘who would be good for this?’ All the while though Kasey would come around every morning with food and I realised the angel that we were thinking of was right there all along.”

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