Best of Sydney 2021


By Sasha Foot

Perhaps no outlet better captures the growing demand for meat-alternative foods than Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher. Behind the glass facade of the Newtown store, pedestrians may glimpse the pyramids of vegan sausages, stacked burger patties, schnitzels and cheeses, which line the display fridges in imitation of a traditional butcher. Established in 2012, Suzy Spoon offers a wide range of handmade vegan products, from lasagne to festive roasts, and even deals in sausage making equipment. Despite branding themselves “vegetarian”, the entire range is suitable for vegans, with the decision to soften the title made to avoid intimidating meat-eaters. With options to take away and cook at home, such as pre-crumbed vegan fish and pies, and aprons adorned with the company logo available among other merchandise, it’s hardly taxing on the imagination to understand why people have traveled across the country to visit. 

397 King St, Newtown. 02 9557 9762.

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