Best of Sydney 2021

BEST HOME DECOR – Chee Soon & Fitzgerald

By Sasha Foot

Upon opening in 1996, Chee Soon and Fitzgerald was situated on Crown Street in Surry Hills. Today, it is held in a small terrace house on Redfern’s Regent Street. 

Combining an eclectic mix of striking decorative materials, it is a hub for textile lovers. Two years after opening, they began wholesaling and stocking Marimekko, a Finnish home furnishing company that specialises in bold textile prints. Since expanding its textile roots, the store houses a selection of ceramics, cushions, lighting choices and other home decor items within its ambient space. The designs are sourced from a mixture of Australian designers, curated antiques and imported pieces that largely concentrate on Japanese decor. 

173 Regent St, Redfern. 02 8399 1305.

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