Best of Sydney 2021

BEST ESCAPE ROOM – The Cipher Room

By Tessa Pelle

Race against the clock and use your wits to solve a real-life puzzle. The Cipher Room challenges players to an adventurous game where you are “locked” inside a theme-specific escape room. 

As the brainchild of Newtown natives, Marise and David, The Cipher Room prides itself on using locally sourced props and recycled materials wherever possible to create an immersive gaming experience. A puzzle fanatic’s playground, these escape rooms invite you to put your noggin to the test and solve riddles and clues. Do something unique with friends and family or bond with work colleagues over the exciting quests these rooms will take you on. Put on your detective caps as a private investigator or transport yourself to 1945 as a spy on a mission. 

The Cipher Room is ideal for groups of 2-8 people with rooms ranging in difficulty levels.

640 King St, Newtown. 0484 244 346.

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