Best of Sydney 2021

BEST COFFEE SHOP FOR BOOK LOVERS – Ampersand Café & Bookstore

By Georgia Billington

The mesmerising second-hand books that adorn the walls of Paddington’s Ampersand Café & Bookstore aren’t the only stories that flow through the four unique levels of the establishment. Ampersand offers the ideal space for patrons to foster connections, rekindle friendships, or indulge in a solitary bite. Combine the soothing sounds of sizzling pans, frothing milk, and conversations with foodies and booklovers alike with the serene comfort of red velvet thrones and all-access novels, and you’ve got Ampersand. Whether you’re looking for the warmth of a creamy mocha on a cold day or a wild mushroom risotto to share with friends and family, Ampersand is there Monday through Sunday. 

You can’t go wrong with a coffee and a book from the Ampersand Café & Bookstore.

78 Oxford St, Paddington.

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