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The 5 best fast-tracked movies to watch this lockdown

By  Lucinda Garbutt-Young

With lockdown extended until August 28, Sydney-siders need to escape from their homes. 

These fast-tracked movies will give you the perfect outlet! 

In the Heights 

Photo: Macall Polay

You’ve probably seen the In the Heights TikTok that’s been trending. This film is based on the musical by Hamilton writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda. The story follows a largely Latino neighbourhood in Upper Manhattan, in which protagonist Usnavi tells four children about his life in the area. It explores New York bodegas, poverty and wealth, racial tensions and childhood reflections. There’s a fusion of Latin dance and song throughout the film. 

In the Heights is fairly expensive to rent, starting at $29.99 on iTunes. You can also watch it on Google Play, Youtube Movies and Amazon Video.  

Black Widow 

It’s time for Scarlett Johansson’s character to have her solo moment! This movie sports a very impressive cast, too. You’ll find Florence Pugh, Rachael Weisz and David Harbour on screen in one of Marvel’s first movies with a female star. This flick will give you a great look into Black Widow’s relationships and character development. You’ll be left wanting more of her prowess. 

Stream Black Widow on Disney+ with premiere access. 

A Quiet Place: Part 2

Who doesn’t like a bit of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt? A Quiet Place: Part 2 follows on from the first movie, building plenty of anticipation. The thrilling plot depicts four main characters through their grapple with life’s struggles and the relationships they make along the way. It’s day 474 in this movie (the first one was largely set on day 472) and it’s time for our protagonists to be shaken up again. 

You can watch A Quiet Place: Part 2 on Google Play, Youtube Movies and Amazon Video. It’s $19.99 at each service.  


If you grew up on 101 Dalmations, this could be the movie for you. The prequel to the classic story is set in 1970s London and gives us context for Cruella’s dog-hating ways. There’s been criticism that the movie lacks a central message. However, with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson side by side, it’s hard not to enjoy it. 

Watch Cruella on Disney+ with premiere access, or for $34.99 on Youtube Movies,  iTunes, Amazon Video and GooglePlay

My Name Is Gulpilil

We can’t possibly do this list without including some heartfelt Aussie cinema. This tear-jerking documentary features Indigenous film icon David Gulpilil after he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. You’ll find yourself engrossed in a portrait of an Australian legend, laying raw his career and emotions. 

Stream My Name is Gulpili  on ABC iView. (for free, yay!) 

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