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Sydney Choreographic Centre Finds New Home In Alexandria

Francesco Ventriglia. Photo: Stephen A'Court.

By Tessa Pelle

After searching for the perfect home, The Sydney Choreographic Centre (SCC) has opened the doors to its new studio in Alexandria.

Francesco Ventriglia is the co-founder and Artistic Director of the Sydney Choreographic Centre. He says the centre was in need of a permanent home to nurture and inspire dance artists.

“Initially we thought we’ll pick a space when we have a project, but afterwards we thought we really need to have a home where [both] the choreographers and the public can come in and we can share the choreographic process,” Ventriglia says.

The centre previously resided temporarily in a Zetland studio before Ventriglia and his team revamped an abandoned space in Alexandria with professional sprung flooring.

Ventriglia hopes the new studio will become a home for the next generation of choreographers, dancers, and artists by delivering a variety of innovative programs and classes.

“I strongly and deeply believe that in Sydney there is not another experience like this. We live in a society where everyone is everything because of social media and we have very easy access to a big number of people. A lot of young people move or improvise in front of a camera, and they have a lot of followers so they think, ‘well I’m a choreographer.’

But actually, moving in front of a camera and creating for other people and making sure you can create a one-hour show [is different]. There’s a process there and a lot of knowledge and interaction between a lot of people,” Ventriglia says.

Ventriglia is an Italian-born choreographer, dancer and director who hopes to share his knowledge and creativity with aspiring performers and choreographers.

I believe this a new place in Sydney to grow a generation of more conscious choreographers and more awareness about choreographic processes and meaning and movements,” he says.

Due to Sydney’s stay at home orders, the official launch and programs will commence once COVID restrictions in NSW have been lifted.

“We were ready to open the door last Sunday with a glass of champagne to celebrate the space and have it be really big, but you know,” he says referring to Sydney’s ongoing lockdown.

The centre will host an intensive program for choreographers in October as well as a master program commencing in 2022.

Ultimately, Ventriglia hopes the centre will become a place to nurture and encourage the next generation of aspiring choreographers and dancers.

I wanted the place to be very accessible… anyone who has a good idea can come in and propose it and create it. We’re very much a creative incubator, I want to help new choreographers and of course dancers as well.”

Sydney Choreographic Centre: Level 1, 5-7 Bourke Road, Alexandria.

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