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Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

Photo: UEFA

Memory is a such a fleeting and precious commodity.

It is this idea which provides the framework for the new documentary Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In. After suffering a near fatal brain haemorrhage in 2018 legendary Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson was confronted with the fragility of memory & thus this documentary was set forth.

Directed by Alex’s son Jason Ferguson the documentary recounts the life of Alex as a way to capture all of his memories in a timeless fashion. As the documentary progresses we hear tales of Alex’s life as a young boy in Govan in Scotland, through to his playing career as a striker at Rangers, to his long and successful managerial career, & finally his recovery from the brain haemorrhage.

For ardent football fans this is a heartfelt look into the life of one the sports greatest managers ever. However, this documentary is not just for football fans. Even those who may not be overly invested in football will enjoy the recollections of personally milestones and the insights the film gives about the importance of cherishing life’s precious moments and memories.

★★★ ½

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