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Randwick Council and Addison Road team up to help the vulnerable

Addison Road Community Centre is extending their food relief program to support Sydneysiders in need. Photo: Supplied.


Addison Road Community Centre is donating 200 food hampers a week to Randwick City Council to support vulnerable people struggling during lockdown.

Randwick City Council Mayor Danny Said volunteered at the Addison Road packing centre in Marrickville this week.

He said it’s important to offer food relief services to struggling families in lockdown.

“Everyone’s doing it tough at the moment during lockdown, but some more than others.

 “These food hampers will go to local families most in need and will help put food on the table,” he said.

 Randwick City Council signed up for the volunteer-run initiative and utilises a variety of local community organisations and social housing estates to distribute food boxes to those in need.

 The CEO of Addison Road Rosanna Barbero noted the Council’s excellent operating model.

 “No one is as organised as Randwick Council. We prepare the supplies, and they deploy to the relevant hubs,” she told City Hub.

 Barbero was formerly an aid worker, so she is familiar with disaster relief responses, and said the best outcomes often come from local communities who have local knowledge.

 “Local councils are crucial for local organisations because they are best connected to the community,” Barbero said.

 Randwick City Council has promised the initiative will continue throughout the lockdown period.

 “Council will continue to provide the food hampers for the coming weeks while there is a need within our community,” said the mayor.

 More help needed

Addison Road Community Centre’s services are experiencing a large upsurge from those facing financial difficulties in lockdown and are reliant on home delivery, affordable groceries, and food hampers. 

 The organisation primarily works with vulnerable community groups and individuals and is extending their food relief program to support Sydneysiders by delivering food boxes to six local council areas in Sydney.  

 Marrickville and Camperdown are both home to the centre’s food pantry which allows residents to purchase budget groceries and reduce their environmental impact. 

 Barbero expressed her frustration at the Government’s lack of community level response.

“LGA’s should be equipped with resources for emergency disaster response,” she said.

 She said the government should work with local councils and grassroots NGOs to access vulnerable people, rather than funding “big players.”

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