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Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown? Here’s what you can do. 

Aust Museum Prehistoric Playground. Photo: Sarah Wilson

As Greater Sydney hits the middle of our projected lockdown period, many parents are stretching for things to keep the kids busy. It’s no easy task. If you’re working from home, with your kids bouncing around, this might seem almost impossible. 

We have a list of some of the best things you can get your kids doing during lockdown, keeping them busy and out of your hair! 

Toddlers and Preschoolers 

  • Painting with water 

This one’s simple. Set your child up with a bucket of water, a brush and a fence or wall. Let them paint pictures to their little heart’s content, with no mess to clean up. 

  • Mud kitchens 

If you have the space, a mud kitchen can keep kids entertained for hours. Give them some old pots and pans- they’re great for baking mud pies!

  • Leaf rubbing art 

This is a great option for tapping into nature. Find out how here

  • Chalk drawing 

On your riveting Woollies trip to get out of the house, pick up some bumper chalk and let your kids decorate the driveway!

Primary School Children 

  • Make natural fabric dyes

This is a longer project, but it is great for creativity and learning. If you’ve never done it, watch this video.

  • Sew clothes for toys

Do your children have some old clothes laying around? Help them to cut them up and stitch simple doll clothes. They don’t have to be perfect. 

  • Flower pressing

We all love a good walk right now. Next time you’re out, get your kids to pick some flowers they love. Tuck them inside baking paper, and use some heavy books to press them. 

  • Take advantage of cultural activities 

There’s a lot on offer through Australian Museum

  • Pillow fort!!

Honestly, no explanation needed. 

High School Children 

  • At home spa night

For your older kids, it’s great to help them feel like they’re getting out of the house! Grab some face masks and delicious snacks. 

  • DIY cinema screening 

Though not as many as last year, GooglePlay is still fast-tracking movie releases for you to watch at home. Disney+ also have some great offerings, most notably the recently releases Luca. Find something your teens love and settle in. 

  • Online courses 

Get your child invested in something they love! Short courses are offered online via TAFE NSW, or local community centres. You could also try language learning on Duolingo.

  • Learn to cook dinner 

It’s a win win, really. 

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young

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