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Hannah Acfield – No Light Without Shade

Melbourne-based Hannah Acfield sounds like a woman who would pour you a glass of whisky and politely ask you not to screw her over. You’d listen, too. 

In her upcoming album, No Light Without Shade, Acfield owns Soul. The 10 songs also emphasise her knowledge of different instruments. Never Let You Go and Midnight Moon are odes to Acfield’s love for the electric guitar. The more sultry Too Far Away sees piano drive the melody. 

The most defining part of the album is Acfield’s incredible vocal range. In Like Lovers Do, she quickly transitions from deep verses into a powerful chorus. 

Lyrically, each song doesn’t tell a whole story – this doesn’t appear to be Acfield’s intention. Instead, the album holistically explores the raw realties of love. It doesn’t shy away from heartbreak, nor does it ignore the feelings of the other party. 

Acfield’s album ends triumphantly with Gold, showing how much we grow from simple connection. 


Reviewed by Lucinda Garbutt-Young

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