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Envoy: Shark Cull

Society is taught to be terrified of sharks, but the more we learn of these ‘mankillers’ the more the fear subsides. There is a misconception – are sharks actually the victims?

Marine biologists agree that sharks are not out hunting for humans and on the rare occasion when there is an attack it’s owing to what is known as a ‘mistaken identity bite’. Sharks serve a purpose – they keep the ecosystem alive and in Queensland they’re regarded as the ‘doctors of the reef’.

The NSW and Queensland governments have had coastal shark control measures in place for years, including drumlines and nets that capture and kill passing sharks. But how effective are they? These measures kill turtles, dolphins and whales but do they also inadvertently attract sharks providing a false sense of security?

This is controversial and thought-provoking viewing that incorporates insightful interviews with environmentalists and marine biologists who explain that endangered species are dwindling ‘in the name of safety’. Narrated by Eric Bana, this documentary should spread awareness of these ignorant government approved measures, when 70% of the population don’t believe that sharks should be culled.

Distressing scenes of captured and dying sea creatures and the idiotic law that prohibits environmentalists from rescuing entrapped whales and other non-shark fish should evoke anger amongst animal lovers.

Ultimately this is disturbing but mandatory viewing. Audiences who anticipate responses from governmental bodies will be disappointed – it’s really no surprise they declined to be interviewed!


**Note: Screening includes Zoom In Conversation**

July 21. Event George St, Miranda, Tuggerah, Bondi Junction. $15-$21+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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