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Darren Mann & Stephen Dorff in Embattled

Cash Boykins may be the greatest fighter to ever set foot into an octagon for a MMA fight but back at home he certainly isn’t winning any accolades for his parenting skills. Cash’s son Jett still looks up to his father as a hero, despite witnessing his father physically assaulting his mother and younger brother – who has Williams syndrome. In following in his fathers footsteps to become an MMA fighter Jett ultimately finds himself squaring off with his father inside the cage.

Whilst Embattled revolves around the world of MMA it is actually the moments which occur away from the cage that make this such a compelling film. Stephen Dorff  quite obviously channels UFC mainstay Connor McGregor in his portrayal of an arrogant, cocky, hyper masculine and overtly racist fighter who will win at all costs. Standing across the ring in stark contrast is the caring, affectionate and kind hearted Jett, played by Darren Mann. Both actors, along with Colin McKenna as Jett’s younger brother provide an emotional family drama paired alongside the clichéd sports drama happening inside the cage.

Embattled really is one of those films which sneaks up on your before quickly delivering a knockout blow.

★★★ ½

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