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Edge Of The World

Edge Of The World tells the very interesting story of Indian-born, British soldier, Sir James Brooke who became Governor then Rajah of Sarawak, the largest state of Borneo, in 1841.

The film is engaging from start to finish and is punctuated by a series of unexpected events that helps to capture audience attention.

Cringe-worthy at times due to the benevolent Englishmen civilising noble savage narrative, Edge Of The World does struggle with its execution of clearly conveying Brooke’s remarkable account.

However, the movie does achieve at sustaining interest with its drama, action, adventure, and gruesome beheading scenes.

Edge Of The World acts as a great preamble and conduit to a fascinating read about Sir James Brooke, and his achievements in assisting the Sultan of Brunei to put down a rebellion attempt, build a modern nation, and suppress widespread piracy and headhunting throughout the Malaysian archipelago.

Edge Of The World echoes Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness, and other iconic stories of this ilk.


Reviewed by Jarrod Wolfhunter

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