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Best Zoom Creativity Classes To Overcome Sydney’s Lockdown

By Gemma Billington

As Sydneysiders grapple with a further month-long lockdown, many businesses have opted to transition to Zoom, offering classes right to your living room. The next four weeks could be full of potential! Whether you’re hoping to learn a new skill, meet new people or find some decent book recommendations, there’s an online class or digital workshop waiting for you. If the banana bread novelty is starting to wear off and those Netflix series are beginning to feel slightly less binge-worthy, maybe it’s time to have a crack at something new.

Here’s your go-to guide for getting the most out of at-home Zoom classes and workshops that will get you through the extended lockdown.

Classbunny’s beginner water colour class  

Classbunny’s watercolour class is a session for absolute beginners, so sit back and enjoy from your own home. Picture: Pixabay

Lockdowns can feel restricting. You’re cooped up in the house and inspiration’s usually lacking. If you’ve got access to some paints, brushes and are looking to bring some colour back into your life, Classbunny’s water colour workshops may be the perfect beginner’s artistic outlet.

Get to know the artistic techniques, financial hacks and end the class with an artwork ready to frame.

These three hour classes are offered throughout July and August. Find out more here.

Sheng Zhen meditation

Sheng Zhen meditation is an all-age event, perfect for Sydneysiders craving a break from the challenges of everyday life. Picture: lograstudio / Pixabay

If you’ve got a laptop, a chair to sit on and a mind that needs some grounding, Sheng Zhen’s easy to follow meditation classes should be added to your lockdown list immediately.

The weekly-held Friday morning class is one for all ages and abilities. So, take a seat, connect with your breath, and get involved in Sheng Zhen meditation.

Get your free tickets here.

Stanley Street Gallery’s Stream Of Consciousness Opening

Once you’ve gotten involved in your own artmaking class, you can take the backseat and engage with the Stanley Street Gallery’s Zoom Opening for Pamela Honeyfield’s Stream of Consciousness.

On Thursday, Stanley Street Gallery will host their inaugural Zoom opening to virtually exhibit Stream of Consciousness, portraying Pamela’s own connection to remote and arid landscapes.

Find the Zoom Opening Link here.

Jungle Body Sydney’s Dance Fitness Workout

If you’re ready to break it down to Beyonce, Cardi B and The Weeknd, sign up ASAP to The Jungle Body’s Dance Fitness Workout. Picture: The Jungle Body

The Jungle Body’s dance class will provide an unforgettable night to the veteran dance competitor and the avid disco partier with their high intensity, nightclub-based workouts. If you’re looking for a going out fix, block out 45 minutes every Thursday for just $10 a night.

As long as you’ve got comfortable shoes and a space for dancing, you’ve got the everything you need to shake it off. Get ready to feel the power of endorphins, drip with sweat and move to banging tunes every week.

Book your class here.

All Age Music’s Singing Course

Take your very own karaoke session to Zoom with All Age Music’s singing course. Picture: Skitterphoto / Pixabay

If you’re hoping to use this lockdown to refine your singing and vocal abilities, All Age Music’s four to six week courseswill boost your confidence and provide you with plenty offoundational techniques to improve your breath control and vocal power.

Whether you’re hoping to work on rhythm, voice projection, vocal anatomy or voice health, All Age Music has got you covered.

Register your interest here.

City of Sydney Library’s Book Club

Whip out your favourite book and get ready to discuss at the City of Sydney’s Library book club. Picture: DariuzSankowski/ Pixabay

If your New Year’s Resolutions had anything to do with picking up more books or spending more time reading, then look no further than the City of Sydney Library’s Book Club. On the last Thursday of each month, you can spend an hour chatting about various literature themes, characters and juicycliff-hangers.

Open up a new romance novel, share your thoughts about a nature or sci-fi story and meet a group of brand new friends.

Sign up here.

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