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You’re Not Special

A win-win: forget the grim realities of lockdown and support the hard-hit theatre industry with Sam O’Sullivan’s You’re Not Special!

Critical Stages Touring have come up with the perfect remedy for your lockdown blues, offering a free screening of the critically acclaimed You’re Not Special! The season hit Kings Cross Theatre for the first time in March and was captured live to be streamed by all those who missed it. Brush off your boredom and plunge into a narrative which traverses the blurring of reality, fiction, love and addiction at the hands of the digital age.

Pertinent and unsettling, this play probes the nature of relationships in our contemporary era through a dismally comedic lens. You’re Not Special! observes the intertwining lives of Dan, Ellie and April in a manner that will make you question the suffocating role that technology plays in the human experience.

“It’s about where we’re heading as a species and what we have done to ourselves,” collaborator Rogue Projects said.

From the writer of The Wind In The Underground, Sam O’Sullivan brings audiences an eye-opening play. With the help of director Samantha Young and entrancing performances from the cast, You’re Not Special! was awarded four stars by AU REVIEW. Australia Theatre Live have captured the performance in 4k resolution, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in as close to a theatrical experience as they can get their hands on right now. So hurry to your couch – if you’re not already sprawled across it – because today is the final day that you can rent You’re Not Special! online for free.

By Elysia Cook

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