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Tall Poppy

Poppy Olsen - BOWL-A-RAMA. Photo: Dean Tirkott

Justine Moyle is the creative mind and director behind documentary, Tall Poppy, an account of the emerging Olympian and skateboarding prodigy Poppy Starr Olsen in response to her impending debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Justine first encountered Poppy at the Bondi skatepark in 2014 tearing it up with adolescent and grown men, as a 13 year-old girl. Justine says she was struck by Poppy’s nonchalance towards her situation, in what has traditionally been a very rough n tumble, male-dominated sport. Justine went on to say that Poppy quietly went about carving out her on presence in Bondi while her remarkable development as a skateboarder had her rising from strength to strength to where Poppy is now, on the Olympic road.

Tall Poppy tracks the young trailblazer as she transitions from amateur to professional, from child to adult with all the challenges that journey encompasses; including the uncertain impact of the pandemic and how it almost derailed Poppy’s dream.

Justine’s background is in media communications. Justine has worked up to directing this major film through years of directing and producing on smaller scale projects. Justine talks passionately about the wider societal importance figures like Poppy have on changing outdated attitudes towards women and credits figures like Jacinda Ardern, and author Elizabeth Gilbert for being her inspiration to unearth other inspirational women.

Tall Poppy is the result of over five years of dedication from Justine and her team; Poppy, 21, has been hard at it since age eight. With the Tokyo Olympics imminent, this uniquely Australian coming-of-age story is set to wow audiences, and spur on Poppy to bring home skateboarding Olympic Gold!

By Jarred Wolfhunter

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