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Raising Aid For India At The Factory Theatre

We have all seen the distressing images of COVID ravaged India on our screens and most of us have felt pretty helpless in the face of it. Ramy Zach, a Hatha Yoga teacher who runs Adiyoga in Newtown through the Isha Yoga Centre, has decided to be proactive in raising money to help.

Zach and his team have created the event, Raising Aid For India, which will take place at The Factory Theatre Marrickville.

“We’ve had only a few weeks to make all this happen,” said Zach. “Outside in the courtyard there will be DJs, food stalls and traditionalarts and crafts. Whilst inside, there will be a variety of workshops running consecutively.” Workshops include Bollywood Dance lessons, ‘Sound Healing’ workshops, which Ramy explained, rely on different sound vibrations to heal different parts of the body through physical and mental meditation. There will also be talks on Ayervedic medicines which are, according to Zach, “based on natural mediums and organic compounds made from mixed herbs. These come from a knowledge of yoga and lead to ways of treating illness in the body by creating balance on a deeper level.” Very popular too is soul drumming, which is a way of channeling what is deep within through the rhythm of drum beats.

The project works to provide free hospital transport for the poor, food and safety packs for hospital and frontline workers, COVID support phone lines, insurance cover for sanitary and frontline workers, cremation services and more. This will all be done through charities working in India and sponsored by Unicef.

Jun 27. The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $30-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Renee Lou Dallow