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Percy vs Goliath

Percy vs Goliath is the age-old tale of underdog against ruthless behemoth in humble canola-farmer, Percy (played by Christopher Walken) taking on multi-national giant and doombringing organisation, Monsanto in a modern version of the Bible’s David vs Goliath.

Percy is a third-generation traditional canola farmer who keeps his seeds from season to season only replanting the strongest and most resilient seeds ensuring next year’s crop is more robust than its previous.

Percy’s crops become contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds through no fault of his own and he soon finds himself at the mercy of Monsanto’s legal ire.

The ensuing battle takes Percy across America and India as he fights for his future and the future of traditional farming alike.

Percy vs Goliath is of the same ilk as Erin Brockovich, Puncture, and Dark Waters, and is an important reminder in-and-of-itself that when the little guy is pushed beyond the pale the fightback can be precedent-setting.


Reviewed by Jarrod Wolfhunter

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