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This is quintessentially a low budget film which audiences will either love or hate – there’s no in between.

The story follows Ray, a delivery man who takes on an unprotected gig economy job (contract jobs performed by individual operators) cabling to support himself and his sick brother. Initially prosperous he soon learns that multi-billion-dollar corporations take advantage of their workers, eventually replaced by robots.

Best described as a darkly comic parable, this film makes a relevant statement about wealthy companies and the exploitation of the working class. Also explored are healthcare scams, the incredibly high cost of medical care and the unification of the workforce.

Underneath the absurd and underwhelming exterior of this satirical oddity lies a universally relevant cautionary tale, a deeply hidden message about social injustice which may only be realised by an extreme thinking audience.

Curiosity is initially evoked, but quickly fades owing to the extremely slow-paced and bizarre style of storytelling and the abrupt and perplexing conclusion.

Lapsis may have captured the hearts of most critics and may possibly in years to come achieve cult status, but it’s sure to be snubbed by mainstream audiences.


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