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Jamie Oxenbould in ‘Woman In Black’

Jamie Oxenbould

Jamie Oxenbould

Jamie Oxenbould, currently appearing in the play Woman In Black at The Ensemble Theatre, is a highly accomplished actor in his own right. In fact he comes from a whole family of actors, including his famous brother Ben Oxenbould, so how could he not have talent? Having seen Oxenbould’s incredible performance as Archie in Baby Doll, also at The Ensemble, I can attest to his passion for the art of theatre craft and to his ability to dig down deep and dredge out the very heart and soul of the characters he plays, throwing them into a sea of perplexities and twisted scenarios from which they must escape or die trying.

Before Baby Doll Oxenbould had also starred in Last Of The Red Hot Lovers’ by Neil Simon again at The Ensemble. A comedy in which he also proved adept. The Woman In Black, however, is a very different story. A seriously spooky play which has also been a feature film starring Daniel Radcliff of Harry Potter fame. The play is a very different creature though and is famous for being the second longest running play in London’s West End. Oxenbould has said that, for a scary play like this to be done as a theatre piece, is very rare indeed.

Born in March 1965, Oxenbould is a Piscean and that is important because Pisces the fish is known to swim in opposite directions at the same time which explains Oxenbould’s versatility. Also well known for his voice over work, Oxenbould has attributed this to his saving grace during 2020 when actors were mostly forced to take time off the stage. Oxenbould’s work includes films, Nowhere Boys and Raggs. Added to his stage, film and voice over career he narrates audio books and also writes plays. A play Oxenbould cowrote with Richard Sydenham, in fact, won The Silver Gull Award in 2020.

Until July 24. Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli. $38-$79+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Renee Lou Dallow

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