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This is the incredible story of courage and resilience that should inspire women who have lived in abusive relationships to move forward and rebuild their lives.

Sandra is a single mother of two young daughters who has escaped her abusive husband. Owing to the high price and poor quality of rental accommodation she decides to purchase and build her own kit home.

Surrounded by new caring friends her situation seems to improve, but will the intrusive nature of her husband shatter all hope for a better life with her daughters?

What starts off as a dark and depressing story of hopelessness and a woman’s torturously abusive relationship slowly transpires into a positive and heart-warming story of new beginnings that should find a place in all moviegoer’s hearts.

Irish actress Clare Dunne who is also credited as co-writer, delivers an empowering performance in the pivotal role as the shattered mother, supported by a wonderful ensemble cast that includes Harriet Walter (The Crown).

Underneath the story of spousal abuse in what can only be described as excellent and mandatory viewing, resonates the equally significant and universally relatable story of the unsatisfactory state of housing systems.


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