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Harper Bloom

When Melbourne’s Harper Bloom first started writing her latest single, Shaky Bones, little did she know the journey of a year that Australia was about to embark upon. Written just after the first COVID induced lockdown of Melbourne Harper looks back on that moment and says “we didn’t realise what was about to hit us.” Now coincidentally enough the single has arrived just after Melbourne completes yet another lockdown, although thankfully this one was much shorter.

Speaking with Harper recently we discussed the inspirations behind Shaky Bones, the upcoming EP Faith, Sex & Skin, and her mindset as live shows return.

Whilst speaking about Shaky Bones Bloom explained that it was inspired by a combination of factors. Musically Harper says the track was heavily influenced by Neil Diamond’s Cherry Cherry because she had become “infatuated by the upbeat strumming patterns and the simple chord progressions.” Lyrically though the inspiration came from a source closer to home.

“The lyrics then came from watching people on the beach and witness a bit of miscommunication between a couple who weren’t really sure of where they were sitting with each other,” explained Bloom. “They were kissing and then fighting, so I wrote a song about being so nervous around someone that they send shivers up your spine.”

Shaky Bones along with the five other tracks make up the Faith, Sex & Skin EP. During our chat Bloom said the EP has a nice mixture of songs, some of which are “super playful and fun to play live”, combined with a a “couple of slower, more serious songs.” The string which binds the entire EP together though is the “upbeat and positive message” it conveys.

Surprisingly Faith, Sex & Skin was Bloom’s first experience recording in a professional studio with a producer to guide her.

“Recording in a studio was a bit daunting,” said Bloom. “But, Ben [McCarthy – Harper’s producer] has a way of making you feel extremely comfortable and confident. He basically said ‘sing as though you are in your lounge room and think about why you wrote the song.”

With Ben’s guidance Harper says she was able to produce her “most honest work” to date.

To celebrate Pride Month in June Harper will be making her Sydney live performance debut at the acclaimed Oxford Art Factory.

“That’s really exciting because I’ve never played in Sydney before,” said Bloom. “I’m excited to play on Oxford Street and meet everyone that is there to listen to my music.”

When asked what Sydneysiders can expect from a Harper Bloom show she said, “My band and I have worked really hard on creating a really fun, vibrant & inclusive show. We love to get the audience involved and singing along. The show is all about positivity, getting everyone in the room involved and all coming together to have a great night.”

Aug 5. OAF – Gallery, 38/46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $19.38+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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