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French Retro Film Festival

La Vie En Rose

Lovers of French Cinema should be delighted with the specially curated Vive La Revolution: French Retro Film Festival which arrives just in time for the Bastille Day celebrations.

The program consists of 12 classic comedies and dramas that have made an impact on discerning audiences over the years and should also be of interest to a whole new generation of cinephiles.

The Grand Illusion was produced in 1937 and is regarded as the best French film of all time and something of a masterpiece. Two French soldiers make several escape attempts in a German prisoner of war camp and are ultimately imprisoned in an inescapable fortress. Starring renowned actor Jean Gabin this was the first foreign film to garner an Academy Award nomination for Best Film.

Married At Marinbad is the critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated 1961 drama starring Delphine Seyrig. Set in an isolated chateau, a man meets a woman whom he believes he has met previously. A haunting romantic tale – perhaps even a ghost story?

Winner of Best Film at the 1967 Venice Film Festival, Belle De Jour stars sex kitten Catherine Deneuve and tells the story of a beautiful but frigid housewife whose promiscuous fantasies lead her to becoming a prostitute. Tragic and perverse this film may have been ahead of its time.

For audiences who enjoy black comedies 1991’s Delicatessen delivers the goods. This zany film surrounds an apartment building landlord who prepares delicious meals for the tenants who are regarded as oddities. Winner of several European film awards.

What would a French Retro Film Festival be without the inclusion of the lavish 2007 Edith Piaf biopic La Vie En Rose? Actress Marion Cotillard won an Oscar for her engaging performance as the legendary Piaf. A special 35mm screening.

Jul 1-28. Dendy Newtown, 261-263 King St Newtown. $18.50-$23+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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