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Cranston Academy: Monster Zone

There seems to be an increasing number of animation films that are better off as children’s afternoon specials and might only dream of theatrical release. Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is a lot of fun if you are six years old and happy to watch hours of thrilling adventures involving an intelligent but downtrodden genius hero. Six-year-olds are a strong demographic. Whee!

Plucked from a school where Danny is unrecognised for his capabilities, he is featured in a style of movie we’ve all seen in various forms, Cranston Academy: Monster Zone. Fortunately, six-year-olds have only seen it a few times, and there is comfort in familiarity. There Danny is again bullied by students and faculty. Turns out he is brilliant! And leads his friends into a Fifth Dimension where they battle many insane arachnids and octopods!

Some children will love this, but at nearly two hours, Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is a stretch for parents and, in a cinema setting, for kids. Best find it on a streaming service, press repeat, and plant the tiny burgeoning heroines and heroes on the couch.


Reviewed by Olga Azar