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Come From Away

Photo: Jeff Busby

The highly anticipated musical Come From Away has been described as a masterpiece and finally arrives in Sydney after a successful season in Brisbane.

This musical is based around the events which followed 9/11, when 38 passenger jets on their way across the Atlantic on September 11 were diverted to a small Canadian town on the Island of Newfoundland called Gander, owing to the US airspace closure.

“Gander has a population of less than 10,000 people, so when all these planes arrived, they didn’t have the infrastructure to welcome these people into the town. They literally opened up their homes and took care of them for five days,” explained resident director and choreographer Liam McIIwain.

Predictably, the first question people ask when they hear that this musical is based around the tragic events of 9/11 is whether the mood is dark and depressing.

“We say it’s not a 9/11 story but a 9/12 story (not a story about the event itself but about what follows) and the musical is the perfect show for our time. It’s about a community of people who are rallying together in the face of a crisis – it’s a show about community, kindness, generosity and it’s extremely uplifting.”

The playing company consists of 12 actors on stage at any one performance, eight understudies who cover those 12 roles and a band of eight musicians most of whom are set on stage.

“I truly believe this show should appeal to everyone. We have people coming to see the show who are so taken with it that they return with family and friends.”

Jun 3–Aug 22. Capitol Theatre, 13 Campbell St Haymarket. $59-$185+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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