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American Psycho Makes Triumphant Return To Sydney Opera House

Photo: Daniel Boud

American Psycho is making a triumphant return to Sydney in June after a fully sold out season at The Hayes back in May 2019. This time around though the show will be playing at the Sydney Opera House!

Most of the cast are returning, including Ben Gerrard, a queer actor who played the role to award winning acclaim during the season at The Hayes.

Gerrard spoke about the process of bringing the production from The Hayes to the hallowed grounds of the Sydney Opera House and why he thinks the show was able to make that transition.

“I know that the first time we did the show, it struck a powerful chord with audiences. I think it’s definitely a show that’s been created in the right moment. It resonated deeply, it sold out, the reception was so incredibly positive that it feels inevitable that a venue like the Opera House would want to amplify it’s reach.”

Gerrard also spoke about the cast for the new season which sees many favourites returning from The Hayes run.

“Most of them, there are four actors who had to leave the production because they are so brilliant and got other productions but we got incredible new performers stepping in to take their place. I’m really excited to work with so many of the same people but some new people I’ve always wanted to work with too.”

While enlightening us on the intense workout routine to get prepared for this role… “I have six weeks to completely overhaul myself. I don’t think I was terribly out of shape per say but in order to feel like Patrick Bateman and to the standard I was last time, it has been an intense six week diet and exercise regime.”

Gerrard also spoke to an interesting imbalance between what is expected of male actors compared to his female actor friends.

“As a male actor, I’ve played several roles in the last few years where there has been a pressure that I’ve had as part of the roles I’m playing, but generally we notice it a lot more when we expect it of a male actor. It’s something that all of my female actor friends endure their entire careers, it’s just a given that they have to have have incredible figures.”

Jun 3-27. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $45-$99+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Linc Jenkin

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