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Spike Heels

Turkish born film, TV and theatre director Serhat Caradee jumped at the opportunity to direct Spike Heels, written by Theresa Rebeck.

He says, “it is a hilarious and witty play about four people and their struggles with love, lust and infidelity. With strong themes about the abuse of power in the workplace.

He started in the industry as an actor, studying performing arts, drama and theatre.

Before I made any short films I actually produced and directed plays. Then once I got into AFTRS the technical skills I learnt there coupled with my acting background really helped me tell stories and work a lot better with scripts and actors.

How is working on the stage different to working for the screen?

The biggest difference between the two mediums is that on stage the audience can choose where to look. On film the director controls where you look and what you see, mainly through editing. When it comes to acting it’s the same. It’s just that on stage you need to project your voice a lot more, so this may make your performance bigger (unfortunately). With film you have radio microphones and boom microphones.

And what are audiences likely to take away from the production?

Even though the play was set 30 years ago, the audience will understand that the themes and issues of the play are still relevant and timely. As a comedy, the story makes it accessible to all people and audiences will genuinely be entertained and have a fun night out.

Until May 29. Fringe HQ Newtown, 5 Eliza St, Newtown. $25-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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